Power Balance - Self Confidence - Energy
Material Natural semi-precious stone, variety of the mineral quartz
Origin China


Chrysanthemum gives you a sense of calm confidence and radiates harmony, processes change calmly and shows you how to work in harmony with others. It encourages, inspires and energizes you and helps turn ideas into action. Chrysanthemum stone will ground you against distractions and shows you the big picture of a task.

Chrysanthemum stone adds stability and confidence to your life and relationships by eliminating hostility. Chrysanthemum stone is a stone of harmony that exudes a calm, confident energy that encourages you to slow down and enjoy the moment rather than running around at the pace set by society. It promotes change and balance, showing how the two work together to increase your strength of character and provide for a positive, solid lifestyle.

Chrysanthemum counteracts superficiality and eliminates ignorance, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness and jealousy. Chrysanthemum helps you become more open and daring in your approach to life.

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