BONES & BUDDHAS is a jewelry designer company founded in 2015 by Stephan Seifert. The company's headquarters are in Stuttgart, Germany.

Ever since he was a child, Stephan was more likely to be called a “rebel with a skateboard”. He hung out with the cool guys every free minute and skated the streets of his city. At that time he had scraped together all his money to order a skateboard direct from the USA, a difficult undertaking when you consider that there was no internet or any online shops for such things at the end of the 70s. He was very proud of the board, seven layers of the finest Canadian maple and two-tone wheels from Powell Peralta, which were called "BONES" and had, as expected, a skull as a logo. This was the first and should not be the last moment in his life when Stephan was fascinated by skulls.

Stephan spent the "wild years" of his life as a singer and songwriter in a rock band, and he earned some of his money as a surf and snowboard instructor. Whether boards, clothes or accessories, skulls were everywhere even then.

At the age of 35, after Stephan had suffered from severe migraines for more than 15 years, he met Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, founder of the Shaolin Wan Nam Institute (you know, one of those guys who can easily take you to the afterlife with one finger could be promoted if you wanted). Surrounded by mystical Buddha statues, Wong Kiew Kit taught him how to control the flow of his CHI and ultimately how to overcome his longstanding migraines. Since this turning point in his life, Stephan has been fascinated by the spiritual power of these Buddha statues. However, a few more years would pass before BONES & BUDDHAS was founded.

Having become a bit more "serious" and calmer, Stephan worked in various advertising agencies and developed online marketing campaigns for brands such as Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch before he founded his own agency LIQUID AMBIENT ( ) in 2010 , in which he is responsible for all creative areas.

Inspired by a post on Pinterest, Stephan ordered his first bracelet online in summer 2015. But the disappointment was great when he held the bracelet in his hands for the first time since it looked nothing like the photo and didn’t feel good in his hands. Therefore he decided to create his own bracelets - In autumn 2015 Stephan launched BONES & BUDDHAS and thus laid the foundation for a company that is run with attention to detail.

As the process of creating his own brand begins, his wife Antje and daughter Lee Ann start playing their parts. Antje always had a great interest in design, her travelling to places all over the world even expanded the appreciation for the “good life” - good food, gorgeous interiors, high-quality jewellery and much more. When she was younger she dreamed of being a jewellery designer. Because she started collecting minerals and fossils at the age of 10. But her life took another turn not least when she and Stephan started their own company LIQUID AMBIENT in 2010. From then on her enthusiasm for design especially in interior design kept growing. She completed her studies in interior design in February 2021.

Their daughter Lee Ann started travelling very young since Antje and Stephan made sure to take her travelling whenever they could. She soon loved to experience new cultures, taste unknown food, speak new languages and also appreciate the good things that come with it - new friends, new connections all over the world and especially the wish to connect them all. As she was always interested in fashion and new unfamiliar designs, she contributed her share of creativity in designing new bracelets and create new fresh ideas.

As a family and - well - also as a creative work team, they keep thinking of new ways to bring quality, functionality and extravagance together to create new high quality products. 

All semi-precious stones, pendants and materials that we use for our collections are collected from all over the world and are of the highest quality. Every single piece is carefully handcrafted "Made in Germany". This is the only way we can ensure that the healing powers of our semi-precious stones develop their optimal effect and that the spiritual power of BONES & BUDDHAS accompany you on your journey through life.