Power Relaxation - Creativity - Communication
Material Natural semi-precious gemstone, variety of the mineral quartz
Origin Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Thailand, South Africa


Hawk's Eye is a very calming stone that can reduce your stress, relieve your anxiety, and increase your calmness and relaxation. The energies of Hawk's Eye will help eliminate fatigue and relieve the symptoms of depression. Hawk's Eye gives you mental clarity, focus and a deeper insight into your good and bad experiences. This stone has the ability to make you see the problems that would have otherwise been difficult to see. It gives insight into your inner struggles and emotional issues.

This stone will clear any creative blocks and enhance your creativity. Hawk's Eye will stimulate your imagination and help you develop new ideas and concepts. Hawk's Eye is associated with the throat chakra and its energies promote effective communication. The vibrations of this stone will help you stay honest with yourself. Hawk's Eye will ensure that you always stay grounded and self-controlled, no matter what you are going through in life.

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